A new, unfamiliar aroma in the air that is so tantalizing, it makes you stop and sample from a local street vendor, cooking up treats right before your eyes. Monuments and buildings that have withstood the test time, just long enough for you to marvel in awe at their beauty. Languages that sound more like songs when spoken, yet you know none of the words. People that are so beautiful and welcoming that you almost forget that you’re not “home” when you’re in their presence. Culture so rich that you become jealous that you can’t claim it as your own. A longing in your heart to see, smell, taste, experience all that the world has to offer…one city, country, continent at a time.

This is what travel has done for me.

Traveling has given me an outlet to step away from the norm, get out of my comfort zone, and literally “get lost” (it really did happen on several occasions in Tokyo). Each time, I return home with a different and refreshed perspective. Traveling makes me want to work harder so that I’m afforded the opportunity to travel more! Work hard, play hard! It’s an ideal that I want to model for my own son. The world is a huge, amazing place. Get out and make it your playground!

Many of my amazing experiences were due to the recommendations and suggestions from Get Lost VIP, and I’m so grateful! It’s so helpful knowing someone who is so knowledgeable and can assist with tailoring that perfect getaway. From Tokyo, to London to Paris! I’m looking forward to planning future trips with Get Lost VIP!