Our team plans our travel out in quarters of the year, being avid travelers we get that itch throughout the year so we have to try to spread our travel out evenly during each quarter to scratch that itch! Our Q1 is packed with lots of exciting FIRSTS for members of our team.

 Oprah & Gale Girlfriends Cruise aboard Holland America’s New Ship Nieuw Statendam: Our CEO & Founder Ty Dawkins will board the new luxury ship with 8 close friends & family members. This is a first as Ty has never taken or had desire to take a cruise. When invited she couldn’t turn down the offer to take her first cruise not only is this an inaugural sailing on a beautiful ship, but with the Queen herself onboard Oprah along with a host of activities & events hosted by the OWN team who in their sane mind would say NO. This cruise sold out on the same day it was announced, so she will definitely be in the company of other lucky women who got in while the getting was good. Make sure to follow us on IG & FB @getlostvip to catch glimpses of her experiences as she goes live from the ship.

Cape Town, South Africa: 9 of their closets family and friends will join Ty & Quincy on a journey to Get Lost in South Africa starting with Cape Town. This is the first time in South Africa for all and a bucket list trip for our Co-Founder Quincy. He will be leading the way and has a host of activities planed for the group

to create an amazing experience for all. This is also a first group trip this large for them. Ty & Quincy both enjoy more intimate trips, and typically steer away from larger group trips due to additional stress from having to manage too many expectations and individual preferences. The Dawkins booked the flights for less than $600 back in June when flights from multiple US airports on Delta & Partner airlines were going for the LOW! They often share these great deals with their FB followers so you to can get in on the fun!

Johannesburg, South Africa: You can’t go all the way to South Africa and not visit Johannesburg. The team looks forward to fully embracing the people, culture, lifestyle, and scenery that Johannesburg has to offer. Stay tuned to see if they will take a group trip again!

Where are you going to journey in 2019? Will you stay near or journey farther. For our team it is definitely the year of journeying farther, as in 2018 we did more domestic traveling. All that matters is that you get out there and explore some places you have never gone before. Stay tuned for as we go LIVE from each destination and share our adventures with you via social media. We will also follow up each experience with a blog post highlighting the Do’s, Don’ts and Must sees.

Will Ty survive her first cruise? Will the dynamic duo ever take a group trip again? Only time with tell.