Season 1 of Get Lost Life will end on Thursday, May 9, 2019 where Ty & Quincy are turning the tables with a special guest host Ms. Aris Claybrook. Join us for this special episode entitled What Lies Beneath? Aris will put Ty & Quincy in the hot seat. Season 1 was all about setting a foundation & connecting with each of YOU. In Season 2 you will hear some of the same great content, but we will welcome more new faces and voices on the show.

Ms. Aris Claybrook is a special family friend and longstanding supporter of Get Lost VIP. Aris also shares the entrepreneurial essence of Ty & Quincy by expanding her practice as a Registered Nurse beyond the traditional hospital setting. She is actively pursuing a Doctoral degree to enhance the profession of her consulting services, offered to current and prospective healthcare providers. Her business is used as a voice to promote professionals to envision life beyond the traditional bedside care.  She is an enthusiast about empowering clients to reach their optimal level of financial, education, spiritual, and holistic progression. Join us as we welcome Aris to Get Lost Life. 

What Lies Beneath… Remove all the BS in your life and what’s left? AUTHENTICITY – would you like the REAL reflection of you if you removed all the layers and looked in the mirror. Not the social media version of you? But the REAL version…

Join us back on Thursday, May 23, 2019 for Season 2.