The below 8 mistakes are what we view to be the most common mistakes people make when booking their own travel. Lets face it we all know what we know, and when we are not experts in a topic we either go at it on our own hoping we figure it out or we employ experts in the field to provide their assistance. With the rise in technology and large variety of travel tools many will leverage these tools to book and get economical travel, but one of the things we have heard from individuals is that the booking of trips is easy, but its the WHAT NEXT that they Get LOST on. They end up arriving at their destination without a plan or know how to have an enjoyable experience. Watch the video as we give more context around the 8 mistakes discussed below.

1. Most believe that booking a Hotel & Flight is synonymous with booking a vacation.
2. Not looking at the vacation planning process from end to end.
3. Picking a destination without considering whether the destination offers experiences to compliment what you enjoy doing, or have certain restrictions due to cultural and religious beliefs.
4. Not considering the full budget.
5. Book connecting flights to save money, but not consider the transfer time for the connections; which results in missed flights and additional out of pocket expenses.
6. Missed Perks!
7. Paying full price due to lack of knowledge as to how airfares and hotels rates work.
8. Booking through 3rd party discount vendor vs. the actual vendor whose products they are purchasing.

Have you made any of these mistakes?