Get Lost VIP Brand Story

Get Lost VIP is much more than just a travel company, it is a LIFESTYLE. Get Lost is about the journey we all take to find ourselves, and this is exactly how our company was birthed. Having been in Corporate America for 15+ years; climbing ladders, hitting ceilings, losing my true self, competing in a game that was never designed for someone like me to win I became angry and sad at the prospect that this may very well be LIFE.

I also felt guilty for my feelings, as most on the outside looking in would trade places with me in a minute; as all they seen was the houses, fancy cars, luxury vacations, fancy dinners, and front row seats at NBA games & the hottest concerts. What they didn’t see was me breaking down on a daily basis not understanding that I had slipped into depression. The good or bad thing depending on your perspective, was I had become a great functioning depressed person, still exceeding on performance reviews, convincing others I was living the life, when on the inside I was breaking as my life had Gone Astray.

Travel had become an addiction. It was the pill Quincy and I both took when we needed to get away from the daily grind. We were already avid travelers, but we began to vacay to escape. When I realized what was occurring I started meditation, doing personal affirmations, reading, praying, and working out daily trying to find peace in a DARK place. One morning, while in deep meditation I heard whispers and an idea came to me that I should write a reality TV script for a show called Gone Astray. I was frustrated with the images I was seeing on REALITY shows of women: especially those who looked like me.  I wanted to give women a show that could uplift and inspire them to keep going with the view that they are not alone, because in this moment I felt very alone.

I literally googled how to pitch a script and wrote a complete script that somehow I was going to get in front of someone to get picked up by a network. I shared it with a few people, but realizing it wouldn’t go too far in the immediate future I continued to meditate, pray until I realized that this was an actual business that solved a NEED.  So after speaking to my husband and now business partner about it he went out the very next day and registered the articles of incorporation. Get Lost VIP was no longer just a Social Media handle but a BRAND.

We started out with providing full service travel specializing in bespoke wellness experiences. We had our first Women’s Wellness & Empowerment Retreat (Gone Astray) in 2017 located in the well known luxury gated community Mulholland Estates in Beverly Hills, CA in the 10,000+ square ft estate of Slash of Guns & Roses. The ladies spent 5 days & 4 nights where they experienced yoga, meditation, spa treatments, daily gourmet meals prepared by private chef, Life Coach sessions, hiking, and much more! It was an amazing experience where we experienced every spectrum of emotion from joy to tears.

Since then, we have continued to grow our agency and clientele and enjoy providing luxury curated experiences designed specifically for each individual. We are about EXCLUSIVITY and once in a lifetime experiences. Get Lost VIP has morphed to more of a Lifestyle vs. just a BRAND.

We are excited to launch our NEW podcast Get Lost Life in March 2019; where Quincy and I will address real life issues such as Family, Wealth, Career, Lifestyle, Love, and Travel in a real and transparent way specifically sharing our experiences by revealing the NON-social media versions of our true self.

Thanks for Journeying with US, we are not done yet!

Perhaps you will see Gone Astray one day, or maybe some other form of TRAVEL media featuring Get Lost VIP. The opportunities are LIMITLESS.

Ty & Quincy Dawkins, Founder & Co-Founder Get Lost VIP