I know you’re probably thinking I can’t tell as much as she posts pictures on all her social media pages hopping planes from one destination to the next! 

Well I’m here to tell you I do love sharing pieces of me with family and friends who I’m far apart from as it closes the distance gap, and with others who can potentially be inspired by my journey good, bad, or indifferent. 

However, these 3 things make me rethink sharing my travels: 

  1. The snarky comments likeIt must be NICE.” Or “Do you ever work. You must have unlimited vacation.” It’s as if there’s an assumption that I was born with a TRAVEL silver spoon in my mouth. Well guess what? I wasn’t, I just like many of my fellow wanderlusts caught the travel bug during one of my trips many moons ago, and decided that TRAVEL IS LIFE. So like with anything we love and want we set goals & we achieve them. I sacrifice a lot of material items to make memories. I’ve also learned the secrets to getting amazing deals. So if you’re wondering how to achieve something get rid of the envy and ask some questions. 
  2. Sharing while in the moment means not being PRESENT. Travel being our business now means having to remember to stop and take photos during amazing moments and OH try and look candid while doing so. Travel has become healing for me, and part of that is the notion of disconnecting to reconnect with my internal self and with the company of those on the journey with me. Having the dual responsibility of photographing our travels, documenting different aspects of the trip, and lastly putting it into a shareable format creates stress in a place that used to remove stress. 
  3. It paints a false picture. I think that sometimes people believe that my life is all white sandy beaches & turquoise blue waters. Realize that a TRIP = a moment in time where one is allowed toGet Lost” from whatever it is in their real life that is causing them stress. Just because I’m able to travel & visit some beautiful places doesn’t mean that I’m happy 365 days a year. I feel like I get this “What girl? Please, I wish I had your life you just came back from Thailand, and London before that, then there was Costa Rica… I mean really what can be missing in your life?!” It’s like it creates this false sense of reality where friends & family think you ARE GOOD! 

No WORRIES you haven’t scared me away just yet. Social media is all about balance, and we need to share less of the FLUFF and more authenticity. I also realize unhappy people will always try to transfer their negativity unto others, and make you feel guilty for your small pieces of joy.

It’s the 2019 and I’m all about inspiring & uplifting others. We’re looking to do some FREE webinars or Live sessions this year, so if you’re looking to learn more about a specific area of travel let us know.  

Don’t follow me… join me as I journey the WORLD! 

Ty Dawkins

Featured Image: The Ritz Carlton Reserve Phulay Bay