“I realized my dissatisfaction in my daily life came from lack of FREEDOM. I spent 15+ years allowing others to define what good looked like for Ty. My favorite quote is “Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?””

The reason I love this quote is it resonated with me, because often times we allow our paths to be directed by those with more experience i.e. our Parents/Family and or Mentors/Managers. Although these individuals have good intention we start down a specific path, and before we realize it we are in so deep that we don’t know how to get out, but we know that it no longer fulfills us or never has.

This episode Quincy and I discuss how we found happiness through harnessing something we already loved. This love is now our business and we are using our LOVE of Travel to help others to improve their overall health & wellness. We believe that Experiences make individuals far happier than Material gratification. We’ve both lived the life of enjoying material things, and we found that it was just a temporary bandaid to fill a much larger void in our lives.

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