Have you ever wanted to ask God WHY!? Was there ever a moment of darkness that left you feeling all alone?

I know the y’all every SUNDAY I can do no wrong Christians are like nah Child how can you have these doubts if you claim to be a child of God, because fear and faith can’t live together. Well I have heard all the scripture and seen all the quotes; but when there are more things going wrong than right; when there are more losses than wins; when you keep getting hit while you’re down YOU TO WILL HAVE THIS MOMENT OF DESPAIR too. 

And to add insult to injury while you’re doing what you feel are all the right things and you scroll down your IG feed and you see others receiving blessings upon blessings and you know they not doing right … Go ahead and act like you’ve never had a moment of envy! 

Yes, I know we shouldn’t examine our lives by others success. I’m generally happy for others, but I’m also human and from time to time that envy demon sneaks it’s ugly head in and takes over. It’s not so much their success as it is my assessment of personal failure. 

The message in this episode is not to be discouraged, because SCATTERED SEEDS STILL GROW. I heard this message this weeks and before even hearing the sermon those 4 words struck me and I already knew what the message was about. I started thinking of all the “seeds” or conversations I had, doors I’d knocked on, doors that were closed, and how although disappointed we found away to keep pushing. Then low and behold one of those doors we’d assumed was closed actually opened months sometimes almost a year later. 

There are seeds that you have planted and forgotten about because you assumed that opportunity was not yours because the door has not opened according to your schedule. What you’re going through or have been through may look bleak, but what awaits you on the other side is worth living and fighting for. 

Join Quincy and I as we share how we’ve climbed out of darkness.