Welcome to Get Lost Life. REAL talk about that Ish in life that no one wants to discuss. Social media has created a world that lacks authenticity. From a bird’s eye view everyone appears to be LIVING their best lives, but what lies beneath are the things Get Lost Life will discuss in a RAW & Un-CUT way.

Quincy and Ty are a husband & wife dynamic duo who not only share BEDS, but are also business partners and owners of Get Lost VIP, a boutique travel agency & lifestyle brand.

This couple has experienced it all from being high school sweethearts, teen parents, growing up together in marriage, rags to riches, career highs and woes, and much more. They have defeated many odds, and had many LIFE lessons along the way.

People ‘Get Lost’ in Life, Love, Careers, Finances, and Get Lost Life is that GPS to help you navigate to your destined location. So climb aboard, grab your FAVORITE cocktail, buckle your seat belts, put your seats in the upright or reclined position, turn your phones to airplane mode, and enjoy the RIDE.