Get Lost VIP “Where it’s perfectly acceptable to be a travel addict.”

I try to recall when the flame ignited between me and travel, and I guess it started as a young girl. I was an avid reader, and although I didn’t physically travel I would escape to far away places through books  taking on the lives of the characters on the pages if even for short moments in time. You’d find love where physically none existed, and hope where only darkness lived. See at this time my mother couldn’t afford to give me the physical gift of travel, but I found love before ever boarding a train or plane. I even joke today that during the most stressful times my imagination is very vivid and takes me to very beautiful places. So in a since I escape even when I’m not physically traveling.

Then, at the young age of about 25 I was given the opportunity to work on a global team, and was blessed with the opportunity to travel around the world at a professional capacity. I had traveled here and there throughout the US and I enjoyed exploring new places, but it wasn’t until that first international trip that I realized how much I didn’t know and was missing out on. There were people in the world who dealt with far different realities than me, and I knew this but to physically see it with your own eyes triggers multiple emotions you didn’t know existed.

You find yourself as a result of your experiences,  and at least in the case of myself you become a better you. A more HUMBLE more WORLDLIER you who now sees the world through a different lens. My passport was like permission to be FREED.

I named our company Get Lost VIP,  as that’s what travel has allowed me to do “Get Lost” … Get lost in the culture, people, experiences, and from the hustle and bustle. It’s now my dream to give others the same type of experiences.

Over 10 years later I have traveled to every region of the world both professionally or personally. I welcome you to follow me on my journey.

Love Is…..Ty & Quincy are Passionate travellers and lovers of life checking off one destination at a time. Follow this husband and wife duo on their journey around the world as they check out some of the finest destinations, restaurants, lounges, and events.