Sometimes it’s difficult for me to be objective when writing hotel reviews as I’m a bonafide self proclaimed HOTEL Snob, and I own this title. Being an avid and frequent traveler I’ve seen & experienced various levels of luxury or NON Lux accommodations. For me the Hotel is the vital organ in your trip plan. Whether that be related to the level of opulence, location of hotel, amenity offerings, or price it depends on you as an individual, but if whatever your PRIORITY or REQUIREMENT is for your Stay isn’t met it’s sure to make the rest of the trip not as enjoyable. 

That said, I’m into both the level of luxury and the amount of amenities the resort offers. I’m pretty open to being located further away from center of the city if those two needs are met. 

So with no further ado my summary of our family’s recent stay at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa (

  • Solid 4 Star Accommodations due solely to the fact that the rooms & hallways can stand a renovation and update on technology offerings. Also the mini shower in the bathroom; which could’ve easily been larger by removing the bath tub.  👈🏼 The Not So Good I however loved the large patios and beautiful views from our room. 
  • The hotel grounds were absolutely amazing and to add to the beautifully maintained grounds the hotel was surrounded by 360 degree views of beautiful mountains. 
  • The pool atmosphere was reminiscent of the W Hotel atmosphere. I’ve stayed at a lot of JWs and other resorts and this was by far the most enjoyable pool experience. DJ Pat Rock spinning great music all day, delicious drinks, great service, and most importantly the mix of single vs families and maturity level of party goers made it perfect for everyone to have an enjoyable experience. Parents if you’re looking for a family friendly environment where you can still enjoy and get your life … this the spot. 
  • The Lobby bar was equally family friendly without someone like me who doesn’t have little kids feeling some type of way. There was live music over the weekend until about 10pm. The band was excellent, and set a smooth mellow atmosphere. 
  • Other unique amenities are the 10 pound donut ( currently on the menu & the drink that looks like it put you in a sugar coma. Let’s not forget the gondola boat rides, mini golf, golf, tennis, flamingo island, and beautiful exotic birds throughout resort on display, and a night club. 
  • Last but not least for Southern Californians looking to feel like you’re on vacation or resort without having to purchase plane tickets, this is a close ride and great alternative. I completely felt like I was on vacay not a weekend getaway. 

In summary, the lack thereof of renovations was quickly forgotten once I saw the beautiful outdoors, and experienced the other resort amenities. 

Have you gone? If so let us know if you agree with our review. Or if you haven’t add it to your list. 

Signing off from another great stay! Coming to you live & direct from San Francisco St Regis Hotel ( two weeks follow us on IG, FB, and Twitter. 


P.S. if you happen to attend during a holiday weekend their holiday brunch is to die for. So many options of deliciousness.