COLORED: “The formal government they named us colored; which means rubbish, germs, good for nothing, hopeless… they put that TAG upon us!” – Karen Maarman 

Today we have invited a very special guest all the way from Cape Town, South Africa. We met Karen Maarman in person while visiting South Africa in March. Karen welcomed our group of 11 into her home and shared intimate stories of her family, rich culture, and history of her country.

This week we got an opportunity to catch up again with Karen. She had a wealth of information to share when we visited her in Cape Town, so Quincy and I wanted to continue the conversation with her for our listeners.

This will be a two part episode as Karen has triggered some interesting points that we’d like to expand on further in regards to our individual experiences here in US and how although worlds apart we have similar experiences and challenges. So stay tuned to next week where Quincy and I will do a deeper dive into some of the critical points shared today.

Enjoy the RIDE!