The past few weeks the weather has been miserable (for LA standards) here in SoCal. My ADHD is in full effect from not being able to get outside much and enjoy what’s normally a sunny California. It’s also been nearly 3-months since my last trip which is just about my breaking point before it’s time to detach from my routine and escape the day to day corporate grind. At least once a quarter I make sure to take time to recharge my battery and GET LOST! Thankfully I’m less than a month away from my ultimate trip, something I’ve been waiting for my entire life so I can’t help, but feel like a kid waiting on Christmas morning.

Normally I try not to get too excited about a big trip beforehand and allow the anxiety to consume me, but I have to admit this time it’s been hard to bottle up that excitement, because this will be an experience like no other trip we’ve ever taken. It seems like eternity since we purchased our tickets 8-months ago after my business partner and beautiful wife, Ty, came across an incredible price to South Africa. I mean roundtrip tickets for under $600 dollars each, well that’s a deal I can’t refuse. But now I’m starting to get geeked, because it’s so close that I can smell it! All of our transportation and accommodations are set, time to start researching and planning activities & excursions.

I’ve been fascinated with Africa ever since I was a young boy imagining being on an exotic safari’s and now I have a chance to actually experience one first hand. But that’s just the frosting on the birthday cake. For me visiting Africa is the ultimate bucket list trip. I mean it’s the freakin’ Motherland for God’s sake, the birthplace of civilization. As an African-American, it’s a chance to connect with the land and people of where we originated from. Not to mention enjoying the world class city of Cape Town and all of its beautiful beaches, sampling the finest wines and exploring the most fascinating landscapes that South Africa has to offer.

This trip will be extra special as we will be joined by a small group of family and friends who will also get the opportunity to enjoy this amazing Get Lost VIP experience with us so be sure to check back for my updates on our journey through Cape Town and Johannesburg and Pilanesberg National Park.

Talk to you soon!