I’ve known I’ve enjoyed traveling since I was in my youth; from trips to camp, Six Flags, Wisconsin Dells and more…as an adult—this grew into seeing more of the United States. The more I’ve traveled the more I’ve realized how personally fulfilling travel is. It has provided an opportunity to explore new terrain, open my mind to experience new cultures and people (yielding a greater appreciation for what I know as “home”) and so much more. Not only has it given me the liberties mentioned previously, but it has had a great impact on my personal well-being.

When I traveled to Tokyo, London and Paris this year (yes in one year)…I deliberately pulled the plug to disconnect from “work” and some of life’s challenges to simply embrace the experience…to live practically care-free with a primary focus of exploration—not only of my current physical state (where I was located), but of myself. Getting away a few times a year allows me to rejuvenate, relax, re-evaluate my life goals, recharge, reboot and return to my day-to-day refreshed and ready for more. My state of being is revitalized, I feel better…and it only excites me to begin planning for the next!

I am grateful for the connection with Get Lost VIP who, once I decide to “get lost” serves as my compass to creating great experiences and memories for life!

DeSario Turner