Many of us celebrated Father’s Day this past weekend with the important men in our lives. Anytime I get to celebrate my husband especially in his role as a Father I am happy to do so. For those who don’t know I grew up in a single parent household never establishing a relationship with my biological father. Quincy showed me what a Father’s LOVE was all about in his role of raising our boys to be the fine men they are today.

This weekend while we were out celebrating I started thinking about how I have never been able to celebrate Father’s day in the traditional sense of enjoying the holiday with my own Dad, and it got me to thinking about how individuals who have this blessing may sometimes take it for granted. Specifically I was thinking of my own children, as I was telling my son on Sunday how he should not take this for granted as there are many out there who don’t have a father in their lives.

This episode is about celebrating those Men who are involved in their children’s life, but also encouraging those who are not. Although our sisters are out there doing their best to be all things and provide for their children it truly takes a village. Quincy and I reflect on our own upbringings as well as those around us and how we can see the impacts of how being raised either in a dual parent household or single parent household had on our lives.