Many saw the cheap prices to Cape Town & other S. African cities yesterday for later this year through early 2019. Flights were an estimated 50% off through Delta (, KLM (, and Air France (

One would have to wonder if this is being driven by all of the discussions around “Day Zero” and the water crisis? Perhaps tourists are nervous of going during this draught, and reduced airline fares will push them past their fears. Well our team took the jump and purchased tickets, as it won’t be our first time traveling to a destination which had limited water supply or other natural resources. What will this mean for you as a traveler?

  1. Be prepared for shorter showers. 
  2. Hotels will not change linen and towels daily so practice reuse. 
  3. Bring hand sanitizer and cleansing wipes as bathroom Taps may be turned off for hand washing. 
  4. You may notice something left behind in public restrooms meaning … to reserve water they are not flushing after every pee. 

Should this stop you from traveling to an amazing place like Cape Town!? ABSOLUTELY not… check your privileged standards at the door, be humble, and perhaps living with less water for a week or two will open your eyes and hearts to appreciate those things we often take for granted like a long hot shower. 

Peace out Ty!