Bucket list: a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish in a lifetime. (Google)

I certainly have a list of goals and experiences that I hope to achieve in this lifetime, but I don’t reference them as a bucket list. My goal is to speak life into everything that I do, and the mention of a bucket list to me is like checking off a box of things to get done before the END. Well, as we all know tomorrow’s not promised, and I am not naive to that I just want to LIVE everyday so i make goals that allow me to achieve this daily.

So, do I have a list of must see places? MOST Definitely!!!  Am I flying away to these places as much as possible… ABSOLUTELY. My reasoning however is not to check the list, but more for the opportunity of getting lost. My day to day is so busy that I often times don’t know how I remember to BREATHE not normal breathing, but just a deep breath to release. Well taking these trips help me to 1) Escape and 2) Reset or have that timeout needed, so when I get back to real life I can handle the many demands of the daily grind.

So I’d like to propose we all have that Get My Life List. That said, I hope you will follow my journey as I GET MY LIFE in S. Africa & Dubai in a few weeks.

Let me know how you plan or where you are planning to visit to get your life. Here’s a list of some of our upcoming destinations for the next 2 months, and how or why they made my list:

  • San Francisco, CaliforniaFirst let me say is NOT a fave of mines…. but when your sister from another Mister call’s and says she needs your presence to celebrate her Journey into Forty, you SHOW up. Life is all about moments, and good FRIENDS show up!

  • Cape Town, South Africa & Johannesburg, South Africa: Hmmm… isn’t this on every #Black person’s #GOAL list, LBVS! Actually, it was NOT on my Get my LIFE list, but was at the top of Quincy’s so here we are about to embark on what I consider a once in lifetime journey with 11 Family & Friends to AFRICA!
  • Dubai, U.A.E.: If you read my previous BLOG posts or follow me on social media then you know this was Numero Uno on my list, and I checked it off in 2015 in a major way might I add! Well you know all GOOD things deserve a REPEAT so I will finish up my final year in my 30’s in my DREAM destination and this time I get to do it with my favorite travel partner in CRIME, life, and business –  Quincy.

  • Santa Barbara, California: Part of our NEW goal is exploring more of the United States specifically California since it’s a huge state with lots to see and our new playground. Plus this is a business trip to check out area/resort for future client bookings. Stay tuned for an in depth review of the RESORT and things to do locally.
  • Miami, Florida: Second home away from home. And Miami is never a bad idea, well I take that back the summers are kinda grueling HOT, but again with the THEME of celebrating life we will be celebrating another year of Life for our Brother from another Mother!

What’s your TRAVEL Theme for 2019? Our TRAVEL theme is in one word “Living” and of course since we are a TRAVEL AGENCY we have to sprinkle a little business in too.

Signing off for NOW!

Getting my Life & hoping you are getting yours too!

Ty Dawkins, Founder & CEO Get Lost VIP