Get Lost Life is BACK starting tomorrow, May 23rd with Episode 8; the first episode of Season 2. We are speaking with Ms. Brittany Garth in our birth of a BRAND series. Season 1 you heard the Get Lost VIP Brand story, and this season we continue to bring you stories about other Brands. 

Life Coach Brittany is an award winning certified women’s empowerment life coach who possesses a masters in clinical family and adolescent therapy. Life Coach Brittany has worked in the field of coaching and empowering women for more than a decade as a clinical counselor with years of experience in the field of marriage and family therapy, domestic violence and substance abuse. Brittany became certified in the field of life coaching, after a job loss and nearly becoming homeless. This situation caused Brittany to not only become financially broken, but emotionally broken, as well. With minimal income and resources, Brittany decided to write out a business plan to create a business dedicated to the empowerment of women. Less than 2 years later, Brittany has gone on to provide coaching services to more than 1,000 women in need annually around the world and build an online subscription of 7,000+ women. 

If you haven’t caught up on season 1 visit Get Lost Life on iTunes; specifically our last episode What Lies Beneath? where your hosts were interviewed by a Special Guest Host Ms. Aris Claybrook.

Peace, Love, and Light!