is our passion

After over 20 years in Corporate America Ty Winston-Dawkins, Founder and Quincy Dawkins, Co-Founder decided to follow their passion of Traveling the world and embracing TRAVEL as a methodology by which one can ‘Get Lost’. 

Get Lost VIP is a full service luxury travel firm specializing in group & individual travel planning, and corporate & wellness retreats. At Get Lost VIP we make it our mission to demonstrate how travel can be leveraged as a tool by which one can improve their overall health & wellness. Our firm is unique in that we are able to provide our clients with an intimate travel experience while servicing our clients during hours that best suite their needs. 

Our product & service catalogue is targeted to those who love to travel and have a taste for the finer things in life. Get Lost VIP clients work hard and believe in rewarding themselves, but also seek solitude and balance.

Meet The Founder

Travel has always been my solace, love, and escape. As a young girl I would read and dream about far away places. Through my corporate career, and personal experiences I have been truly blessed with the opportunity to travel and see the world.

Travel has awakened me in a way I never thought possible through my different experiences with various cultures and seeing firsthand how others live. As a result of my experiences, I have become a BETTER me, more Humble, more Worldly, and I now see things through a different lens. My passport was permission be FREED.

I named our company Get Lost VIP far before I knew that it would be formed into an organization. Get Lost VIP isn’t just a company, its a movement, an EXPERIENCE. Get LOST is exactly what travel enabled me to do. ‘Get Lost’ in the culture, people, experiences, and away from the daily grind. It’s my MISSION to fulfill my dream and give others the same type of experiences. 

I welcome you to follow us on our journey around the world as we continue to check off one country at a time and explore some of the most exclusive destinations. 

Journey Wisely,

Ty Dawkins
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 713.309.6563

Meet The Co-Founder

For the past 20 years, I’ve worked in Finance in multiple roles in various industries including Oil & Gas, Hospitality, and Consumer Goods.

Although I’ve been truly fortunate and blessed to have a successful career there is also an empty void that leaves me unfulfilled. I found myself taking more and more vacations to new destinations every year. After much reflection I finally realized that it was only during my travels that the feeling of un-fulfillment was nonexistent.

I found myself planning my next vacation before I even left my current. During these times I began to understand my true passion; which is exploring the world. 

I also developed my love of fine cigars during my travels to far away places, as no trip would be complete without picking up a few Cubans. I was already a novice cigar smoker, but over the last 10 years I’ve become a serious cigar connoisseur or aficionado.

Please join us on our journey across the World, as I share with you the most exclusive Cigar Lounges. 

Journey Wisely,

Quincy Dawkins
Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 281.826.9643